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Are There Any Adverse Effects Of HGH Supplements?

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As you probably know, the human growth hormone is a hormone regularly produced in our body by the pituitary gland while we are growing up. It is responsible for the normal development of a child, making sure that the muscles and bones grow at a normal rate. It also helps regulate the metabolism in the child and adolescent years, ensuring that sugar and fat levels are at normal. It also regulates the body composition and the body fluids.

In the later years of our life, the pituitary gland produces very little of this hormone, which is one of the causes for the aging process, Using HGH supplements can slow this process a bit and also help you with a bunch of other things. For instance, it can be given, with doctor’s prescription, of course, to a child that has a deficiency of this hormone and is therefore unable to achieve normal growth. It can also be given to children suffering from Turner’s or Prader-Willi’s syndrome. In adults, it can be used to help if the person is suffering from short bowel syndrome, muscle-wasting disease, which is often connected with HIV and, of course, if the person has a deficiency of this hormone due to a pituitary tumor.

These are the uses of HGH supplements which are approved by the FDA. It can have other uses, but they are, so far, not approved and their use in these cases is not legal. One such use is by the athletes, who believe that it can help them achieve better results is especially looked on with disapproval as most sports associations in the world consider using HGH supplements as illegal and suspend any athlete found to be using them. It is also not uncommon and unheard of that somebody loses his sports medal because of this.

In most cases, it is safe for children to use HGH supplements as they will encounter unwanted side effects very rarely. However, adults, especially elderly people who have normal levels of this hormone, but want to increase it, for whatever reason, have a good chance of encountering some negative side effects, like joint pain, diabetes, water retention (edema) in the arms and legs, carpal tunnel syndrome and some others. There is even a chance of having your facial bones grow at an abnormal rate, kidney or heart damage, caused by the enlargement of the organ as well as colon cancer and Hodgskin’s disease.

All of these side effects can be very dangerous, so you see why it is important to first consult your doctor before starting to take HGH supplements. He can tell you the dosage that you can take in your age. People taking HGH supplements have also reported that they experiences certain side effects, such as tightness in the throat and/or chest, chest pain, rashes and itching. You might also be allergic to some of the ingredient of these supplements, if not the hormone itself.