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Foods that can naturally boost your HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE levels

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You’ve probably heard quite a bit about human growth hormones and HGH supplements. What you might not know is while they are an important part of health, working out and building muscle, they are also a natural part of your body. That being said, instead of taking supplements, there are many available food sources for natural HGH that you can focus on when it comes to your diet.


Coconut OilCoconut oil is well-known for its many health benefits, including using it on your hair and skin. It’s also great for cooking, and it promotes better HGH levels in the body.

One study linked to this finding years ago saw a significant increase in HGH levels in as little as a half an hour after ingesting coconut oil.

As mentioned previously, you can either add it to your diet, or you can apply the coconut oil topically. It’s suggested that you add it to your diet for better results, and there are some tasty recipes you can use when it comes to this oil.


Yogurt contains a large amount of L-Glutamine, and this ingredient is widely known according to many studies to help people increase HGH levels in their bodies. L-Glutamine is a very important amino acid, and yogurt is considered to be one of the best foods for increasing human growth hormone levels in one’s body. The best yogurt is going to be unpasteurized and organic.


EggsEggs are also one of the best food sources when it comes to naturally increasing human growth hormone levels. Eggs contain so many essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as amino acids and peptides that help increase growth.

Eggs have long been used by bodybuilders when building muscle, and you can see why. They don’t just help increase growth hormone levels, but they are one of the single most important sources of all things healthy.


HGH and testosterone work hand in hand. You raise the levels of one, and you’re going to be helping to raise the levels of the other. That being said, you will be working to naturally increase testosterone levels while you eat these foods to increase human growth hormone levels.


WatermelonDo you remember the amino acid mentioned that was contained in yogurt? Watermelon contains yet another important amino acid that helps increase HGH levels, and that is L-Citrulline.

There is a conversion process in the body with this amino acid, as it turns into arginine. In clinical trials, arginine has been shown to help to naturally increase HGH levels.


Okay, so beets aren’t the tastiest food in the group, but they sure are a dietary mainstay when it comes to increasing HGH levels. There are plenty of ways to incorporate beets into recipes so that you’re not having to eat them raw and alone.

Think about all the acidic foods you eat. A very alkaline food, beets can help offset all those acidic foods, which helps your hormone systems run efficiently. Remember the mention about HGH and testosterone working hand in hand? Well, beets are also great for promoting healthy testosterone levels because they contain nitric oxide.


milkMilk is definitely a dietary mainstay for many reasons, and bodybuilders back in the day relied as much upon milk as they did eggs.

There are literally a variety of HGH boosting compounds found in milk, so if you’re not drinking enough milk, it’s time to start. All these food choices mentioned are geared towards you learning how to eat an anabolic diet.


It was mentioned that beets are very alkaline, and the same goes for lemons. You need alkaline foods in your diet, as it’s what keeps people from pursuing better overall health in general. Naturally, the alkaline lemons work to help increase HGH levels naturally in the same way that beets do.


Whey protein is a very popular supplement and food choice. Many bodybuilders consume whey protein throughout the day to help build that lean muscle. In conjunction with resistance training, whey protein is shown to help stimulate HGH growth. This is thanks to those amino acids once again!


nutsNuts are full of protein and a great snack source for when you’re hungry. Containing healthy fats, this healthy food choice is great all the way around, and there are different nuts to choose from. The ingredient in nuts that helps with HGH growth is L-Arginine.

If you look at the labels of HGH supplements, L-Arginine is one of the main ingredients. Again, why buy those HGH supplements, when you can get the important nutrients you need from the foods you eat? These nine food choices are great for boosting human growth hormone levels, and there are plenty more, too.